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Physiotherapy will be funded in a manner similar to many other publicly funded programs including hospitals, long-term care homes, etc. There is an overall provincial budget for funding of clinic-based physiotherapy services. Clinics may have waiting lists for publicly funded care. The ministry’s expectation is that clinics will continue to provide services in every month during which the funding agreement is effective and, as such, clinics will need to manage their EOC and their budget to best meet this need.

Wait lists may occur and we will work to manage our wait list within the budget we have been allocated by the MOHLTC with transparency of process, diligence and efficiency.

Please review our wait list management framework:

  • Client’s name and contact information, eligibility criteria (as per MOHLTC), physician/nurse practitioner diagnosis and date of referral are documented at the time of referral.
  • Client’s are prioritized based on acuity of condition:
    1. post-op or recent fractures
    2. recent soft tissue injuries
    3. chronic conditions
  • Clients’ are generally provided with an estimated wait time based on guidelines noted above (taking into consideration referral volume) and provided with alternate, privately funded and OHIP physiotherapy providers in the area in cases of excessive wait times or in response to queries.
  • The receptionist is accountable for wait list management to the clinic coordinator/manager (Physiotherapist) who reviews the wait list and priorities on a regular basis.

If you have any questions or concerns or would like us to provide you with options for privately funded physiotherapy services please feel free to ask us.

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In striving to provide the most optimal client-focused care we are always working to improve accessibility and remove barriers. We are willing to provide reasonable accommodations to promote equal opportunities for participation of all persons and personnel with disabilities.
Explanation/ Accommodation Request:
You can also contact the clinic directly by phone or email. See Contact Us page on this website.
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