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Performance Management and Reporting

Lead the Way Clinics collect input from clients, physicians and referral agencies and use it to critique  performance. We are committed to continually improving through understanding the needs and goals of all stakeholders, most importantly our clients. By analyzing accurate and consistent data on these needs and goals we will work towards creating new and improving existing services and enhancing the client experience. 

Beginning in 2013 we have have revised and improved both our data collection and reporting systems and processes. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We use a number of new methods to collect data including FOTO®, the intake survey completed prior to initial assessment and again at discharge. This helps us understand how we are performing related to the efficiency and effectiveness of our treatments and allows us to compare ourselves with other providers and predicted outcomes for a specific condition and individual circumstance. We also continue to collect satisfaction information through online surveys (website), other stakeholder surveys and follow-up phone calls. We are unable to report our report our FOTO results here due to the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario advertising restrictions but would be happy to provide them on request.

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