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General Occupational Rehabilitation Program*

Lead the Way Clinics offer a General Occupational Rehabilitation Program consisting of eight sub-categories of service based on specific eligibility criteria, funding source and reporting requirements (WSIB programs of care, MVA insurers' programs, including preferred provider status for several MVA insurers, and employer sponsored programs).  

Admission criteria for all categories includes persons likely to benefit from the program and who due to injury or illness have impaired levels of functioning that interfere with their ability to carry out specific tasks required in the workplace or home environment including activities of daily living and who meet funding source requirements. Typically clients will be adults of working age. A person with a medical, behavioral or psychological condition that would prohibit their participation may not be eligible (ie. are a danger to themselves or others, have sustained a severe catastrophic or head injury or in cases where medical clearance to participant was withheld by their treating physician). Specific eligibility criteria, services provided, program timelines and descriptions for program sub-categories are available by visiting or contacting any of our clinics.   



Your first visit to the clinic will involve a comprehensive assessment by a registered physiotherapist. The assessment assists you and your therapist to:
•    Identify the problem
•    Determine your abilities and limitations as they relate to the workplace or to your daily life
•    Establish treatment goals and a time-frame for accomplishing these goals
•    Recommend the need for other treatment services as require

Treatment Components

Education focuses on your individual need and promotes your active role inthe rehabilitation process. You will learn:

  • How specific physiotherapy treatment relates to your injury as well as the expected benefits of treatment
  • Injury prevention techniques, health maintenance and the use of proper body mechanics at home and work
  • Information on other community resources, advocacy support and specialized services that may further assist you.

Symptom/Pain Management
Symptom management techniques are introduced immediately to assist you in controlling pain in order to facilitate full participation in all components of the program

  • Heat, ice and other therapeutic modalities (IFC, ultrasound, TENS, LASER etc) and techniques are used to reduce symptoms and speed the rate of recovery.

Mobilization and Functional Exercise

  • Mobilization and functional exercises to restore normal patterns of movement are introduced early and progressively updated to include strengthening and endurance components.

Work/Task Specific Conditioning

A specific conditioning program will be designed to improve your ability to meet job and lifestyle demands. This will include exercises that match the strength/movement/endurance demands of the job. This component of the program may also include parameter to improve/restore cardiovascular fitness.

Functional Abilities Evaluations, Home Assessments, Worksite Assessments

Depending on your status and return to work/home needs an evaluation to confirm your abilities (FAE) or an assessment of the home to workplace to ensure a successful transition on discharge may be completed.Your physiotherapist will let you know in advance if he/she feels one of these evaluations is required.

At discharge from the program, outcomes and progress towards goals will be discussed and documented. You can expect to have been provided with a home program of exercises (preventative or maintenance). Your insurance company and/or WSIB and/or your referring physician will be provided with a discharge summary.

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