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Workplace Health & Ergonomics

Workplace health receives much attention today owed in large part to the increase in carpal tunnel and repetitive strain injuries caused by computers and improperly set up work stations. And while this is a large aspect of workplace health, it is not the complete picture.

Specially trained Registered Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Certified Kinesiologists are qualified to perform workplace health and ergonomic assessments. Ergonomics is the science of  fitting the work and the work environment to the abilities of the worker to maximize safety, productivity and quality. Ergonomics actually encompasses any task based activity regardless of whether it is at work or home, although workplace ergonomics is most common.

The aim of workplace health and ergonomics is to prevent injuries, educate, and maximize employees' effectiveness while on the job. Therapists focus on safe task performance such as proper lifting techniques, proper work station set up, exercises and ways to prevent repetitive strain injuries, and many other assessment and education based activities to promote a healthy workplace and avoid on-the-job injuries.

Services that we provide include:

  • Physical Demands Assessments
  • Ergonomic Task Analyses
  • Work site audits for job recommendations
  • Computer workstation evaluations
  • Office equipment assessments
  • Ergonomic Program Development
  • Return to Work Programs
  • Musculoskeletal Disorder Prevention/Education Programs
  • Post-Offer Pre-Employment Screening Programs
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